In a small western NSW town, a small group has banded together to fight the Elementals that have ravaged the cities and towns, pushing humanity to the brink.

They use a small generator to power the town, rebuilding the city during the day and powering their energy weapons at night to fend off the Elementals who come to sap their power.

But in order to grow and find more survivors, they need to save power and be as efficient as possible. So they scavenge for materials from each house, pub, gaol and church to upgrade the buildings and discover more power sources.

Play the PowerPlay app and see if you can beat the Elementals while learning about energy efficiency.

Meet Jules

Jules is a survivor of the apocalypse that wiped out this small rural town  known as Elemental Hell. She recruits players and shows them how to play the game so they can beat the Elementals who come at night to sap its power so they can destroy other rural communities.

She is also on our PowerPlay Facebook page where she announces the competitions and reminds players about the contests they can enter.

Jules is a champion!  You too can become a champion by playing the game and learning about how to reduce your energy consumption.

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