Adelaide apprentice wins January Challenge

Adelaide apprentices to compete in a PowerPlay Game of Champions play off

When Adelaide apprentice, Joshua Elliott, received the phone call on Friday that he had won the January PowerPlay Challenge he couldn’t have been happier.

He had wanted a large screen TV but couldn’t afford it. Now he has won an energy efficient TV valued at $1500 and the chance to win another $1000 at the World Wetlands Game of Champions playoff event on Tuesday night, 2 February, in the Flannery Centre, Bathurst, NSW.

The announcement came on Joshua’s last day of his electrical apprenticeship with ASC Shipbuilding Pty Ltd. Thirty-one and married with two small children, he has been employed full-time by ASC Shipbuilding as a qualified tradesman building the new Air Warfare Destroyers for the Australian Government.

“I was just stoked when I heard I’d won the Challenge and even more excited when I was told by my supervisor that I could attend the Game of Champions event at such short notice,” said Joshua.

Joshua is one of six PowerPlay champions who will compete for the title of the World Wetlands Day Championship. Daniel Scully, another Adelaide apprentice, will be on the same flights as Joshua and the remaining champions are from Orange.

The winner of the Game of Champions scores the highest points from competing in a range of heats that include playing the PowerPlay app on their mobile phones, an energy quiz and a practical exercise to calculate the yearly cost of running a household appliance.

Invited guests will also participate in the PowerPlay Quiz Show as part of the night’s entertainment with the chance of taking home a prize. This is the second of four Game of Champions playoff events to be held on world environment days over the next five months.

PowerPlay is an innovative pilot program funded by the Federal Government’s Low Income Energy Efficiency Program (LIEEP) to teach trainees and apprentices how to save energy to reduce their household bill.

Skillset Environment Manager, Ashley Bland, said more than 800 young participants from around Australia registered for the PowerPlay program. Registration closed in May 2015 and only registered participants can win a prize.

“We are trialling the app to see if it has the potential to influence and change consumer behaviour towards energy usage,” said Ashley.

“Our preliminary research findings are showing that those engaged in PowerPlay have higher levels of awareness and understanding about how to save energy.”

A smaller sample group of 114 participant households in Bathurst and Orange are having their energy usage monitored during the program. Western Research Institute and Essential Energy are involved in the research project which ends June 30, 2016.

The award winning app, designed by Skillset and developed by 2and2, was launched in 2015. The app is also supported by a fortnightly energy quiz and energy saving competitions that are run on Facebook and the website to maintain participant interest throughout the trial period.

LIEEP was developed as part of the federal government’s plan for a Clean Energy Future. It is researching innovative ways to help people on low incomes better manage their energy usage so they can reduce their gas and electricity bills.

For further information contact:
Ashley Bland
Skillset Environment Manager
Flannery Centre
Bathurst  NSW 2795
02 6330 1400 | M: 0488 033 301

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