Who can play the PowerPlay game?

Anyone with an IOS or Android mobile device that was purchased in the past two years can download the app to play the game.  It doesn’t work on Windows mobile devices.

However, PowerPlay was introduced for young apprentices, trainees and Green Army participants who live on low incomes and were eligible to register for the research project. These participants remain eligible throughout the program – even if they have left or finished their apprenticeship, traineeship or Green Army project.

The aim of the game is to :

  • take advice from Jules, your PowerPlay guide, to identify and discover the energy bounty as you scavange the buildings
  • progress through the four levels of the PowerPlay game: 0-3
  • enable registered PowerPlay participants to win prizes out of the huge prize pool*

* Registration has closed for PowerPlay participants for this LIEEP research project which ends June 30, 2016.

New players are not eligible to win the prizes advertised on this website and the PowerPlay Facebook pages. 

What is LIEEP?

LIEEP is the Department of Industry’s Low Income Energy Efficiency Program. It funds the PowerPlay project run by Skillset for a set trial period that ends in 2016.

It is designed to identify innovative ways to help people on low incomes better manage their energy usage so they can reduce their gas and electricity bills. A couple of years ago it provided grants to consortia of government, business and community organisations around Australia to trial a range of different programs that are now coming to an end.

Skillset introduced the PowerPlay app in 2014 to trial how the use of games can make young people on low incomes more aware about energy consumption in their households.  Those lucky enough to register for the trial group of 800 participants have access to a large pool of prize money through playing the game and entering the competitions.

The program is part of the government’s plan for a Clean Energy Future.

What is Skillset?

Skillset is a leading regionally based not-for-profit organisation based in the Flannery Centre at the foothills of Mt Panorma (Wahluu) Bathurst in the Central West of NSW. It has a service reach from the Blue Mountains to Broken Hill in NSW, and also throughout several regional areas of Queensland. The company has been continuously operating for 32 years and its services for youth living in the region cover the education, workforce and environment sectors.

Combined with its extensive experience and networks in natural resource land management as ecologists, environmentalists and Green Army project managers, Skillset leads the way as an educator and environmentally focused group training company.

About the Registered Participants

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