Jenny Milton is our Earth Day World Champion

Jenny’s jenny miltonhuge level 3 score of more than 60,000 points, from playing the game within the hour, helped her take home the Earth Day Game of Champions title. Celebrity guest, Don Burke, presented her with the $1000 prizemoney and she now becomes eligible to participate in the Energy Watch Doco Expedition being organised by Skillset for the four Game of Champions title holders.

Congratulations Jenny who is a great advocate of the PowerPlay Programme after she and her family who live in Orange, NSW, managed to reduce their electricity bills by 40% over the past year through being involved in the programme.

On another note, Jenny was one of our very first players of the app game starting in 2014. She left the game for a while until she returned with a vengeance in December last year and hasn’t looked back since.  All up she has won $2750 from taking out the December Challenge and winning the fortnightly quiz.

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