How to become a Champion

As a registered PowerPlay participant you can join our champions by winning the monthly PowerPlay Challenge or the #myenergysaver competition that are run on our Facebook page.

Click on contests to find out more about these competitions.

Game of Champions World Events

Four playoff events will be held during the next year for our champions to compete against each other to win a major prize and the title of our PowerPlay World Champion.

These events will be held at the Flannery Centre in Bathurst as part of increasing awareness about protecting our natural environment and the health and economies of our rural communities.

Dates for these World Champion events are listed below.

Is this you?

  • World Champion
    World ChampionWorld Habitat Day

    Steve Fairney

    October 5 – 2015


    • World Champion
      World ChampionWorld Wetlands Day

      Josh Elliot

      2nd Feburary – 2016


      • World Champion
        World ChampionEarth Day

        Jenny Milton

        22nd April – 2016


        • World Champion
          World ChampionWorld Environment Day

          Could Be You

          5th June – 2016


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