Power Play is a pilot program funded by the Commonwealth Government to investigate ways of inspiring and assisting people on lower incomes to save money through energy efficiency in their home. It is a Skillset research program where we look at how much energy a group of Apprentices and Trainees can save by playing the app game.

Registration to participate in the PowerPlay LIEEP program closed May 31 2015. More than 800 young apprentices, trainees and Green Army participants registered in the trial project with nearly 40% coming from the Central West and Orana Regions in NSW. The remainder represent all states and the Northern Territory.

In addition, 114 participant households in Orange and Bathurst signed privacy agreements and consent forms to allow Essential Energy to monitor their energy usage during the trial period. These households are eligible to participate in the #myenergysaver competition which is run off this website.

The PowerPlay research project is being monitored by Western Research Institute to identify if there is any change of behaviour towards energy usage by the participants during the trial period. This is done through a quarterly online survey and the analysis of Essential Energy’s direct consumption data of participating households.